As a person ages, it’s not unusual to have delayed reaction time, impaired vision, or an all-around lack of focus when driving. It’s important to monitor the safety of your loved one on the road, not only for them but for others also. It is a sensitive subject to discuss when your family member might already feel disconnected from social situations or outings, and when you discuss this, be prepared to receive some negative reactions which is normal. It’s hard to give up daily things like transportation, especially when transportation is what links people to the outside world. You should have a backup plan before discussing such matter, and we are happy to assist.

Reliance HomeCare’s transportation service covers a wide variety of tasks and errands outside of the home. Our caregivers can provide this service on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, depending on your love one’s need or desire for it. Don’t let your aging or disabled family member feel discouraged just because they are no longer driving; allow them to feel empowered as they enjoy the ride and focus their attention and energy on other important aspects of their life, like doctor visits, errands, outings, or even enjoying themselves at home while our caregivers attend to such matters. Reliance HomeCare’s caregivers are extremely flexible when it comes to personalizing this service to your aging or disabled family member’s needs and wants.


Our Transportation Services include:

  • Errands

Errands can be seen as chores for your average person, let alone an aging or disabled individual that would rather focus their energy on other things. Our home caregivers make it easy for your family member to relax, knowing that all of their tasks outside of the home are being handled professionally and appropriately. Reliance HomeCare’s caregivers will cater to you and your family member’s specific needs and wants when dealing with transportation.

  • Scheduling and Assistance

If your parent is showing signs of confusion or memory loss, our home caregivers are trained to provide transportation to medical appointments, along with keeping track of important things mentioned by a doctor: medication instructions, appointment times, and other doctor’s orders. This service also includes keeping track of scheduling for outings with family and friends or social events.

  • Accompaniment Assistance

Our service branches out to a variety of things; if your parent insists on conducting errands or handling their doctor appointments themselves, our caregivers can simply be their transportation. They are happy to give your loved one some company and a helping hand, while ensuring their safety when they are out and about.


Reliance HomeCare strives to provide the means for your loved ones to enjoy each and every day, and promote their physical and emotional well-being. Please contact us at (425) 999-9105 to schedule a free in-home care assessment and find out how our care services can help better the live of your loved one!