Personal Care

There are many day-to-day activities that become difficult for aging and/or disabled men and women. We are here to help. Reliance HomeCare provides sensitive, caring, and helpful assistance in many different areas, which allows your loved one to continue to conduct everyday tasks with a feeling of pride and independence. We are confident that we can improve your loved one’s quality of life by assisting them with one or more of our personal care services.


Our Personal Care Services include:

  • Bathing and/or Showering Assistance

Bathing and/or showering can often present a lot of different dangers and risks for your loved one. We offer aid with these tasks, while helping to maintain your family member’s dignity and respect.

  • Grooming and Personal Hygiene Assistance

It is important to continue a sense of normalcy in our loved one’s life, and part of that is allowing them to care for themselves as they always have; this includes tasks such as brushing their teeth, fixing their hair, clipping their nails, etc. We are here to help them look and feel their best, which leads to them taking on each day with confidence.

  • Dressing Assistance

Often times getting dressed or undressed can put a strain on aging and/or disabled individuals, which is why we offer this service to ease their minds and allow them to focus on the positive side of this task – looking top notch and ready for their day.

  • Restroom Assistance

Assistance with restroom use can often be a sensitive subject for individuals, and we are here to offer professional, private, and dignity-centered assistance that will allow your loved one to feel respected and safe. Our home caregivers are trained to assist all levels of assistance needed.

  • Incontinence Care

Our caregivers pride themselves on maintaining healthy skin care for those with subtle to frequent incontinence. They are trained to handle incontinence promptly, thoroughly, and efficiently, so that your family member will never feel uncomfortable.

  • Mobility Assistance

It is important to maintain a steady flow and routine for our loved ones, but this can be difficult when their mobility is shaky or unsteady. Our caregivers are trained to assist with walkers and wheelchairs, at the pace your loved one is most comfortable with.

  • Transfer and Positioning Assistance

Our assistance with transfers and positioning helps to ensure the safety and comfortability of your loved one when getting in and out of a wheelchair, bed, chair, etc. Our caregivers are encouraging and well-trained in assisting with these tasks.

  • Feeding Assistance

Mealtimes can be frustrating for many aging and/or disabled people. What once was a simple task can sometimes turn into a daunting one, but not with the help of our professionals. Our caregivers are trained to make your loved one’s eating experience as enjoyable and easygoing as possible.

  • Medication Reminders

It is easy to worry about our family members forgetting things, especially important ones. Our caregivers offer a service so you no longer need to worry about whether or not your loved one has taken his/her medication and whether or not it is taken in the appropriate timeframe.


Our mission at Reliance HomeCare is to help your loved one maintains a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable life. Please call us today at (425) 999-9105 for a free in-home care assessment and learn more about our Care services!