Meals and Nutrition Care

Many things can alter how appetites are maintained or how they fluctuate. One of the contributing factors to loss of appetite is the aging process. Many aging men and women do not eat anything like they did in their early years. This can be caused by a variety of factors that come with aging, both physically and psychologically. Sometimes all your family member needs are reminders or encouragement to continue with a healthy diet. Not only is loss of appetite worrisome, but what our loved ones are eating can often fall short of what their body needs, nutritionally. Meal plans seem exhausting to your average adult, let alone an aging or disabled individual, but you can lessen the strain and stress from your loved one’s life by taking advantage of our ability to help.

With Reliance HomeCare, our caregivers will take care of these worries for you and your family member. We provide a wide variety of options when it comes to meal plans and the assistance that is often needed with nutritional care and feeding.


Our Meals and Nutrition Care Services include: 

  • Menu/Meal Planning Assistance

We want to make sure that your loved one is receiving everything they need to maintain and boost their health. Many aging or disabled people find these tasks to be mentally and physically exhausting. We will help to make this an easy transition to creating healthy habits. We will assist in planning out your family member’s favorite meals, while offering our knowledge on what foods could/should be used more or less often. We will also help write grocery lists, find the best deals, go through food that is already in the house, and offer transportation and assistance with grocery shopping.

  • Meal Preparation Assistance

At Reliance HomeCare, our caregivers strive to help your loved one obtain the appropriate amount of nutrients and calories they need to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Since many aging and disabled individuals struggle or can no longer cook for themselves, it is easy to fall behind on nutritional goals. Our meal preparation assistance includes preparation of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, monitoring of food intake, and monitoring of fluid intake.

  • Feeding Assistance

Sometimes your loved one just needs a little extra motivation and encouragement to intake the right amount of food and fluid. Our caregivers are trained to be exceptionally good at making sure the feeding process is both enjoyable and beneficial to your family member.


If you feel that it’s time for your loved one to find reliable in-home care, please give us a call today at (425) 999-9105. We’ll be here to answer all of your questions and find the personalized plan of care that tailor to your needs.