Live-In and 24-Hour Care

It’s not always possible to have a worry-free mindset of how your aging or disabled parent is functioning when they are alone. This is particularly the case when your loved one is experiencing issues with mobility, memory issues, or has just received a surgery of some kind. Although many people know about home caregiver services, many are deprived of the knowledge that there is around-the-clock care available.

Reliance HomeCare offers different options for the requirements of your loved one. You can maintain a healthy, stress-free life knowing that your loved one is being cared for on a constant basis.


Live-In Care

What is live-in care?
Live-in care allows your parent to get comfortable with just one caregiver in a day, giving them a sense of familiarity and companionship. This service does require that our home caregiver has their own bedroom within the home and can sleep uninterrupted most of the time at night. Our caregivers are there to cater to the needs of your parent, and your parent has full control over when and how they want things done.

Why live-in care?
This service is typically best for elderly or disabled individuals that have consistent care needs throughout the day but can sleep uninterrupted during the night. Our caregivers will accommodate all needs of your loved one throughout the day and be there for emergencies in the middle of the night.

How do I know live-in care is best for my family member?
This service is best for those who do not want a multitude of different caregivers coming in and out of their home in a single day. This option also provides your family member with companionship. It is best when you begin to notice that your family member cannot function solely on their own or maintain a safe level of living. We are here to reassure you and your family that your loved one is safe and watched after.


24-Hour Care

What is 24-hour care?
Our 24-hour care service is provided for those who need to have someone around 24 hours a day but prefer to not have someone living with them. With this option, multiple caregivers come to the home to assist your family member in different shifts, whether they be around the clock and/or on as-needed basis; no caregiver bedroom is required with this option.

Why 24-hour care?
We are flexible with all situations, such as surgeries, times when other family members cannot be there, or times when extra help is needed. Our caregivers rotate with their peers to ensure that each shift has a caregiver who is always awake, alert, and ready to assist.

How do I know that 24-hour care is best for my family member?
This service is best for a loved one that needs 24-hour care in a day and does not mind having multiple caregivers throughout the day. This option is ideal for your loved one who requires more intensive caregiving assistance throughout day and night.


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