Home Care Services

At Reliance HomeCare, we strive to make every day as comfortable and enjoyable for you and your loved ones. Our caregivers pride themselves on keeping your family member safe and living the most dignified and quality-filled life as possible. Reliance HomeCare offers a wide range of personalized care plans and service offerings to our clients. Whether you or your loved ones have a need for temporary or long-term care, we can help.

Care Management

It’s easy to underestimate caregiving and its impact on the average person. With the stresses of life and everyday responsibilities, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with being a sole caregiver. At Reliance HomeCare, we are here to accommodate the needs of both you and your loved ones.

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Personal Care

Everyday needs can sometimes become a challenge for your family member, and discouragement often follows the inability to complete small tasks. Reliance HomeCare is here to offer assistance and help your loved ones feel a sense of normalcy from day to day.

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Companion Care

Loneliness is often no stranger to our aging or disabled loved ones. It is often too prevalent and can interfere with your goal to make your loved one feel wanted and cared for. Our caregivers can help stop these feelings of abandonment and withdrawnness.

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Light Housekeeping

Chores can become uncomfortable and sometimes overwhelming for our loved ones to complete each day. The feeling of chaos can surface if they are not done. Reliance HomeCare’s caregivers can help with a variety of cleaning skills and let your loved ones enjoy their surroundings once again.

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Dementia/Alzheimer Care

It’s easy to resort to facilities outside of home when you feel as though you cannot care for your loved one’s special needs, but don’t let this be the case. Our caregivers are trained to handle clients dealing with dementia and Alzheimer, and help curb negative episodes. Let your family member continue to enjoy his/her home with Reliance HomeCare’s help.

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Meals/Nutrition Care

As your family member ages, their appetite and desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle can significantly diminish. Our home caregivers are trained to assist in meal plans and even preparation of up to three meals a day, all while allowing your family member to play an active role in their nutritional care.

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The moment keys are taken from your loved one’s hands, the sense of independence is easy for them to lose. Reliance HomeCare allows your family member to still feel independent and in control as our caregivers assist with all of their demands for transportation.

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Live-In and 24-Hour Care

Just because your loved one requires more attention, it does not mean that you should feel burdened by guilt. Allow Reliance HomeCare’s caregivers to be there for your family member as you maintain and focus on aspects of your own life. Comfort and availability are just two of the many priorities we have with our live-in and 24-hour care options.

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End-of-Life Care

Watching a family member near the end of his/ her life is never an easy task. Let Reliance HomeCare help to ease your mind and the mind of your loved one as they carry out the final stage of their life. We specialize in comfort, sensitivity, professionalism, and many other skills involved in this transition.

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