Alzheimer/Dementia Care

To all of us, there is no place like home. There’s the favorite comfy chair situated just right to watch TV and enjoy the birds outside of the window. The rhythm of the furnace coming on and off during a cold winter’s day brings on a nap in that chair. Then there’s walking to the kitchen and pulling out a mug for that just made tea, coffee or hot cocoa, all of this giving a sense of comfort and familiarity. So, it’s the same with seniors, and it has been shown through research that a person with Alzheimer or Dementia in familiar surroundings can cope better with the many challenges of memory loss.

This is why it’s good for seniors with Alzheimer’s to stay in the home when possible, and part of the reason the seniors that we care for can remain in their homes is because of the services that Reliance HomeCare provide. Our services help with the challenges of this disease, allowing seniors to remain in their homes. This is because our staff has both Alzheimer’s and dementia training to provide custom care with the highest quality. Our program is based on these points of care:

  • We provide care that allows the senior to remain at home safely.
  • We encourage engagement and social interaction as well as activities which stimulate the mind.
  • We provide nutritious, enjoyable meals for seniors.
  • We manage the behavioral changes as the disease progresses.
  • We provide compassionate support for the family.
  • We always respect and honor our clients, no matter how serious their condition is.

In addition, we believe in keeping the simple pleasures in life always available. Walking through the park, getting ice cream after a car ride or enjoying a sunny respite in the garden is important for senior care. This fosters both the senior’s continued abilities as well as independence, and it is one of the best non-medical treatments for the disease of Alzheimer’s.


Senior Care for Dementia

When dementia strikes, it can be a confusing time for everyone involved. Dementia patients sometimes ask the same questions repeatedly, are confused about who people are or what time or even day it is. Disorientation is constant. Also, hygiene becomes a problem as does poor nutrition as seniors refuse to eat the right foods. To care for a loved one with dementia takes empathy, love and a great deal of patience. Additionally, since dementia only gets worse, memory loss progresses which can be extremely stressful for the family caregiver.

This is where Reliance HomeCare comes in. We will provide one-on-one personalized care for your family member suffering from dementia in the privacy of that person’s home. Our staff is trained to provide the highest quality care in dementia. We will continue to maintain a safe environment for your loved one also while encouraging social interaction. We will provide mind stimulating activities and supervise daily activities too. In addition, we are experts on wandering issues and communicating with dementia sufferers, as well as understanding the ongoing behavioral changes as they take place in seniors. Importantly, we will provide nutritious meals with the health of your senior in mind, as well restoring a daily routine. Simply put, we encourage the simple pleasures in life and treat our clients with the utmost respect they deserve.

If you need help in caring for your loved one, please contact us at (425) 999-9105 for a free no-obligation consultation today!